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                                     is to inform and empower all buyers, sellers, and agents in the real estate transaction process about the emerging technologies and businesses that are changing the way we buy and sell homes. While these technologies are broadly referred to as PropTech, the course and resources offered aim to inform market participants on arguably the most dramatic and publicized PropTech segment: iBuyers. Our goal is threefold:

  1. To help ensure buyers and sellers engaged with iBuyer transactions are well informed to allow the best possible financial outcome for themselves and their families

  2. To educate Agents on these new products and services so they may effectively advise their Clients and maximize the income of their own real estate practice

  3. To dispel common misconceptions and misinformation on these emerging trends that are being distributed by those that don’t fully understand, or are frightened by these changes

Our Mission

ABOUT Brian mathews

After 40+ years in the real estate industry as a real estate agent, appraiser, and instructor, as well as an Opendoor.com alumnus, Brian Mathews is in a unique position to help educate real estate professionals working in the iBuyer and Proptech space.


At Opendoor, Brian assisted in the launch of the Los Angeles metropolitan area market, Opendoor's largest and highest-priced market to date, priced and made offers on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of residential properties, as well as conducting market research to support Opendoor's expansion of purchase price parameters in the Los Angeles metro market. 


Mr. Mathews has an in-depth understanding of the real estate transaction process.  He has conducted hundreds of courses for real estate professionals including live seminars & workshops, on-site training, and online courses.  Additionally, he has provided expert witness & litigation support services and is the co-founder and a Subject Matter Expert at DwellingCost.com, a SaaS platform that provides accurate replacement cost estimates to thousands of individuals and businesses across the appraisal, mortgage, and insurance industries.

For more info on event topics or to book Brian for your next conference or event, please reach out to us using the form below.  To see the current class schedule, Click Here!


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